the fitnatix studio

Here at Fitnatix Fitness we like to cater for everyone and we understand that not all of our clients want to train in a conventional gym setting with others around them, preferring the more private training environment 

One of the problems we hear from new clients who contact us is often to do with low confidence and anxiety issues which can stop someone at the first hurdle and stop them from starting out on their fitness journey. We have taken the time to create the perfect small studio to overcome these worries. You will be able to work closely with David Brown PT, learning new skills, improving your fitness and taking those initial steps towards achieving your fitness goals. 

We have everything from the latest air bike and air rower from 'Assault Fitness' to slam balls, battle ropes and boxing for your cardio needs as well as Olympic bars, bumper plates, racks, dumbbells and cable machines for those wanting to hit the weights. 

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