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Fitnatix I Michelle I Body Transformation I PT

'I approached David Brown at possibly one of the lowest points in my life, after an accident where I had broken my back, and then having a child, I had gained an excessive amount of weight, once a former RAF Firefighter, I had lost all confidence and fitness. David, over a period of time has helped me in many ways, both physically and mentally, so far losing nearly 30 kg, but also to become mentally strong and more confident in myself, he has helped me to sustain my results, by not having faddy diets, and cutting things, but finding what works for me as an individual. At times where i feel i am struggling he pushes me to train to a level i never again thought possible. Training has now become my favourite time of the day and I'm astounded with the things i am achieving. I could never have achieved these things without his dedication and perseverance in me wanting to be the best version of myself, Thank-you David'.


Fitnatix I Chris I Online Coaching Body Transformaton I Muscle Mass and Fat Loss

'Trust the process......I have always trained to a high level from a young age of 16

(30 now) and remained in decent condition. However, i was looking for that extra bit of knowledge to get me in the best condition for my wedding/honeymoon. Even with a narrow window of 6.5 weeks, Dave (Fitnatix Fitness) managed to devise a dynamic diet and training plan which suited both my hectic schedule and my goals. Although i queried the diet plan at first, as I thought my calorie intake was too much. I had faith in Dave and the process and the results speak for themselves. Dave's knowledge base, experience and professionalism, along with his approachable nature made reaching my goal much easier that I expected.

Highly recommended'.


Fitnatix I Results from Personal Training

"I came to Dave 2 months after having a baby with no self confidence and no love for the gym. It took no time at all for me to start enjoying stepping into a gym with his help and encouragement and constantly pushing me on every personal training session, helping me smash my personal weight goal and more importantly getting my confidence back to help me feel great and also able to go to the gym with knowledge to be able to train on my own. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone and everyone, His challenges are a great way to achieve your personal goals  which include group sessions, making the journey more fun."


Fitnatix I Body Transformation I Lose Body Fat I Increase Muscle Mass

"When I met Dave I had been training on and off for years without ever getting any results. I never had any confidence or real knowledge in the gym and my sessions were often unfulfilling. I took on an 8 week challenge with a clear goal to lose weight before starting a new job, my old fractured eating habits went out the window and Dave provided me with excellent guidance and a nutritional plan that fit with my lifestyle. The training us creative, challenging and goal focused. I've never been the best trainer, but Dave always finds a way to get 110% out of me which gets me the results i want.


I cannot recommend Dave enough, his knowledge is second to none and his personal touch will help you achieve your goals whatever they are."


Fitnatix I Nel I Body Transformation

"I have trained with Dave for nearly 2 years now. I have really seen a change in my body and my fitness in that time. Dave recognises your fitness levels and knows when to push you to improve this, he is both encouraging and supportive. The variety in the sessions keeps you motivated and helps you attain your goals. My body has changed in the fact that i have lost fat, a few dress sizes and gained muscle and definition i never thought possible in my 40's. Dave is personable, a good laugh and makes the PT sessions enjoyable. I would recommend Dave to anyone at any level of fitness as he will help you get to where you want to be in your fitness journey. Believe me from someone who struggled to run from one lamppost to another to someone who ran her first 10-k last year, I know! I would never train with anyone else now, Dave is dedicated to his clients and will always go the extra mile to help you, whether your laughing or crying!! (Hormones)!!

Thanks so much Dave for all of your help, support and encouragement!! No"

Now-lets do this!!


'Fitnatix-Fitness! Love them! When I messaged Dave to help me lose weight for a charity event in June he straight away sorted me out with my nutrition and workout regime ready for after the New Year, even though I live on the other side of the country Throughout the whole thing, though he was more than helpful and understanding and didn't belittle me for my bad choices or moan at all. He put up with me through my blip, whining and all of my issues throughout the 5 months and eventually helped me lose over 21 kg! I cant thank him enough! So if anyone out there needs a personal trainer who gives you a maintainable regime and nutritional plan, even if you live miles away and, if needs be, all via WhatsAPP and FaceBook like I have done, then he is your man 100% without a doubt'. 


Fitnatix I Laura Personal Training Transformation I Face to Face

"David is an absolutely fantastic trainer. From helping set goals to pushing me further than I could ever push myself, the training offers variety and challenge to get the results you want. Looking forward to the end result!"


Fitnatix I Sharon I Real Results I Personal Training

"Since undertaking training sessions with David, my overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically. I am now able to perform exercises i would never have attempted on my own. David is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer ant questions i come up with. His knowledge on nutrition is admirable and his dedication to helping people is commendable. David's sessions are always fun, whilst he continues to mix up the training so it never gets boring. I cant recommend him enough! Motivating without being in your face, David definitely knows his stuff, his workout sessions use a range of cardio and resistance workouts which are quirky, different, fun and never boring. He's a professional person, always looking to get the most out of all his sessions and clients. I couldn't recommend him highly enough"


Fitnatix I Achieve Real Results with Personal Training

I've been training with David for the best part of 2 years now. My confidence has never been great and even less when it came to doing any form of exercise, let alone working out in a gym. I have attended various gyms over the years, but never really known what to do in there apart from maybe; as I would say 'faf about a bit on the treadmill or the cross trainer'. So, I booked a few PT sessions with Dave to get me familiar with using all of the equipment. He asked me what I wanted to achieve, which was weight loss in the beginning, to now doing strength training. I took part in one of his challenges and to say I was nervous was an understatement! As I'd never done anything like that before. Best thing I did; I have since done a few more. I've met some great people in doing so, who were all at different fitness levels and I have achieved so much. Dave is a great PT, he offers help, advice & support along your journey. There has been lots of laughs & some hissy fits along the way, but with his help I've achieved so much, not only being the fittest I've probably ever been, but also feeling much more confident in myself.

A genuinely great guy, who will push you to achieve. I highly recommend Dave as a PT"


Fitnatix I  Darren - Fat Loss I Lean Muscle Mass & Fat Loss

"I completed a 12 week challenge and from the start of the challenge to the finish of the Dave was on hand, he helped me with the training app and how to track my food daily. Dave was very knowledgeable and helped me achieve my goal. My individual PT sessions were designed for me and what I wanted to achieve from the challenge. The group sessions were well structured to suit everyone's needs. Dave was very professional all the way through the challenge and also added that personal touch as you could contact him at any time with a query. It was a great experience which I learned a lot and still use today, 

I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone, no matter what level of fitness you have he works with you to suite your needs and ability'.