General Terms & Conditions




1.1 - All new customers will be required to complete a medical disclosure form known as a Personal Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to their first training session. It is the responsibility of all customers to answer these questions honestly and where appropriate consult and seek permission from their doctor to train. All customers must certify that they are physically and mentally well enough to proceed with the classes.


1.2 - If any medical condition arises or injury occurs thereafter, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify Fitnatix Fitness Limited and a further PARQ is to be completed.


1.3 - Staff operating under the name of Fitnatix Fitness Limited are not suitably qualified to provide medical advice or assess whether customers are suitable to participate in fitness sessions.


1.4 - All customers participate in sessions at their own risk and should acknowledge that as with any exercise program, there are risks, including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries.


1.5 - Fitnatix Fitness Limited will not be held liable for any injury or damages resulting from customer’s participation in fitness activities and classes if pre-existing medical issues are not disclosed or if customers fail to comply with the instructions of its staff.


1.6 - Should customers fail to comply with directions from staff of Fitnatix Fitness Limited that are made on the grounds of safety for themselves and others, staff have the right to terminate that person’s participation in the class. No refunds will be provided should this be the case.


1.7 - If any injury is sustained during a training session, this must be brought to the immediate attention of staff before leaving the venue as this will be recorded in an accident book. Medical attention where appropriate should also be sought by a suitably trained and qualified person.


1.8 - Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

1.9 - All information provided to Fitnatix Fitness Limited will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party.


Personal Training


2.1 - All personal training sessions within an 8-mile radius of WN3 5BD are as per the price list detailed on this website. Any additional mileage will incur a surcharge of £5 for each additional 5-miles outside of this radius i.e. 8-13 miles (£5), 13-18 miles (£10) etc.

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2.3 - All personal training sessions that are conducted by Fitnatix Fitness Limited at both of our resident gyms (currently Elite Fitness Factory, Wigan and The Fitnatix Studio, Lathom) do not require the customer to hold a gym membership, however this is subject to change at any stage.


2.4 - Full payment for for both PAYG and Pay Monthly prices will be required in advance of the customers first session.


2.5 - Fitnatix Fitness Limited will not be held liable for any injury or damages resulting from customer’s participation in fitness activities and classes if pre-existing medical issues are not disclosed or if customers fail to comply with the instructions of its staff.


2.6 - In the event that a customer needs to cancel a pre-booked class, notice must be given at the earliest opportunity. If less than 24 hours’ notice is provided, the full session cost will be incurred and no further replacement session will be honoured in lieu of this. In the event that a customer is utilising a block booking package, should less than 24 hours’ notice be given for cancellation, the customer will forfeit that session and this will be deducted from their remaining number of sessions. Should customers have to cancel their session as a result of an emergency or if more than 24 hours’ notice is provided, no costs will be incurred and a missed block booking will be honoured. All decisions are made at the discretion of Fitnatix Fitness Limited.


2.7 - For occasions where customers wish to receive their personal training sessions at the resident gym of Fitnatix Fitness Limited. (currently Elite Fitness Factory, Wigan and The Fitnatix Studio, Lathom), customers must hold a valid gym membership in addition to paying the cost of the personal training session. In the event that customers wish to be trained at their own gym, any additional cost incurred to the trainer for this privilege will be met in full by the customer.



Boot Camp Classes


3.1 - Customers should ensure that they attend all sessions promptly and participate in the pre-warm up and stretching exercises. Likewise, customers should participate in the cool down phase completed at the end of each session.


3.2 - Customers should dress suitably for the weather conditions and environment they are training in and it is advisable that they bring with them, a bottle of drinking water, along with a towel and change of clothing for when they are finished.


3.3 - Fitnatix Fitness Limited will not be held liable for any injury or damages resulting from customer’s participation in fitness activities and classes if pre-existing medical issues are not disclosed or if customers fail to comply with the instructions of its staff.


3.4 - Fitnatix Fitness Limited will not be held responsible for any items that are brought to the class and are either damaged, lost or stolen during the session.


3.5 - No refreshments or toilet facilities will be provided.


3.6 - Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian over the age of 18.



Block Bookings


4.1 - Full payment for the discounted block booking offer is required in advance of the customers first session.


4.2 - The block booking offer for both personal training and boot camp customers will be valid for a six-month period commencing on the date of purchase. Any inclusive sessions that are not used within this period will expire and no refunds for unused sessions will be given. The six-month time period may in extenuating circumstances be extended at the discretion of Fitnatix Fitness Limited.


4.3 - Block bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable unless in the event of serious injury or on the advice of a doctor that training should cease; any paid for and unused sessions will be reimbursed at a pro-rata rate upon written evidence from a qualified medical practitioner. 


4.4 - Should the need for block booked classes be cancelled completely as a result of action taken by Fitnatix Fitness Limited any unused sessions will be refunded at a pro-rata rate.


4.5 - Upon request, the total number of sessions used to date can be provided with an itemised list of classes and locations these were redeemed at.

Payments made by Standing Order (pay monthly)


5.1 - Any customer wishing to take advantage of the Pay Monthly Subscription (1.2 or 3 weekly sessions) will be entitled to redeem these sessions for a maximum of 48 weeks in any 12 month period. 

5.2 - The four weeks when training sessions are not offered will be at the discretion of Fitnatix Fitness Limited and will usually coincide with Christmas and New Year Holidays along with any additional chosen weeks throughout the year that will allow for staff holidays. Notice of these dates will be provided to all customers in advance where possible. Fitnatix Fitness Limited reserve the right to change these dates at short notice.


5.3 - All pay monthly packages can be started from a date of the customers choosing and monies will automatically be taken on the same date each month. It is down to the customer as an individual to cancel their own monthly subscription prior to the next payment being taken. Fitnatix Fitness Limited and its employees are not held accountable and no re-funds will be given should a payment be taken and sessions not used. 

5.4 - To be eligible for this offer the customer must accept that they will pay a re-occurring Monthly Standing Order which will commence from the date when first payment was taken and will continue until the customer cancels the subscription. (Due to the third party gateway payment merchant used to process payment it is not possible for the customer to specify which date this will be however if a payment option needs to be deferred due to personal financial circumstances, other options including PAYG are available and can be discussed with a member of Fitnatix Fitness Limited. 

5.4 - Depending on your chosen package only 1,2 or 3 personal training session(s) may be used per week and these cannot be accumulated. Should a customer be unable to use a session(s) in any given week this will be forfeited and no reduction in the monthly Standing Order will be made nor will any refund be given.


5.5 - A week is determined as seven consecutive days commencing from Monday morning and ending Sunday night.


5.6 - In the event of a personal training session(s) being cancelled and a period of less than 24 hours’ notice is given, the customer will forfeit that week’s session(s) unless the conditions detailed in paragraph 2.4 are met. Should more than 24 hours’ notice be given this personal training session can be re-arranged for that week where time slots permit.


5.7 - Fitnatix Fitness Limited will where possible give the customer a number of available dates and times where those session(s) can be taken however, due to levels of demand it my not always be possible to grant customers a time that is specific to their needs; it is therefore advisable that where possible as much notice is provided by the customer in order give a greater chance of securing the most preferred time.


5.8 - Should a session(s) be cancelled because of circumstances on behalf of Fitnatix Fitness Limited, an exception will be made for a personal training session(s) to be rolled over and more sessions will be granted in a given week. This must be used within 6 months from the day the cancellation was made.


5.9 - No further discounts will be applied for multiple persons wishing to train together when one or both parties are paying by Standing Order; should one of the clients wishing to join said session not themselves pay by Standing Order, the full cost of a single hour personal training session will be incurred. If two parties paying by Standing Order decide to share a personal training session, they 5.9 - will not be entitled to have a second personal training session within that given week inclusive of this offer.


5.10 - The listed Standing Order price is calculated on a calendar month and will not fluctuate depending on the number of days each month has. Advance payment of one full month will be required prior to any training date.

5.11 - Average savings are calculated based on a customer purchasing the equivalent number of sessions at the full price of an individual training session.


'First boot camp session free'

6.1 - This offer is only available to new customers attending a boot camp class that have never before been to a boot camp session run by Fitnatix Fitness Limited.

'Boot camp - bring a friend'

6.2 - Bring a friend to any boot camp session and receive 50% off your session. This offer only applies to existing customers who have attended at least one previous boot camp session. Upon bringing a new member who is paying a full adult rate (16 or over i.e. an adult must bring an adult in order to receive 50% of their session, the offer does not extend to any children that are brought to the sessions) and that has never before attended a boot camp class run by Fitnatix Fitness Limited., the existing member will receive 50% off their session. There are no limitations to the number of new customers that can be introduced as part of this deal.

6.3 - This offer also works in conjunction with the boot camp block booking scheme. In addition to the two free sessions as part of the block booking deal, all customers will receive an additional 50% of their session for each new member they introduce.


6.4 - All offers are provided at the discretion of Fitnatix Fitness Limited. and can be withdrawn at any time.

Personal Training Challenges


7.1 - Fitnatix Fitness Limited will often advertise group challenges whereby promotional packages will be offered, these may include such but are not limited to activities such as 4-8 week transformation challenges whereby single, one-hour personal training sessions, group session, and free boot camp sessions will be on offer; these individual sessions must be used individually each week throughout the challenge and are not available to be accumulated.


7.2 - Whilst Fitnatix Fitness Limited will try to ensure that each customer receives an individual personal training session as part of any challenge programme they sign up to, there may, on occasion be a requirement for customers to partner up with another in order to receive their sessions. This will only be done in exceptional circumstances and when either party are unable to be flexible with their bookings and with prior consultation and agreement with both parties.


7.3 - Full payment for personal training challenges will be required in advance of the customers first session.


7.4 - In order to participate in any personal training challenge where gym sessions are included, customers may need to hold a valid gym membership for the resident gym of Fitnatix Fitness Limited unless stated in 2.3. prior to the challenge commencing. If a membership is required, advance notice will be provided.


7.5 - Conditions of cancelling any personal training session as part of a Personal Training Challenge are as those documented in paragraph 2.6.


7.6 - Should customers decide to terminate their sessions after payment is made for a transformation challenge, no refund will be given unless the conditions in paragraph 4.3 are met.

Recommend a friend for a block booking and get a free PT session or nutrition plan


8.1 - Recommended friend must sign up to a minimum of 4 x 1 hour sessions for the existing customer to receive their free personal training session or bespoke training plan.


8.2 - Bespoke training plan will be provided to existing clients via the Fitnatix Fitness App which is free to download and backed by My PT Hub.

8.3 - Offer is not subject to limited friend recommendations i.e. recommend 2 friends and receive 2 x 1 hour free PT sessions or mix and match - 1 hour PT session and 1 bespoke training plan.


8.4 - Cancellation of training sessions are subject to conditions documented in paragraphs 2.4 & 4.3.


8.5 - Any free sessions cannot be redeemed against any block booking packages or for their cash equivalent.

8.6 - Recommended friend cannot be a current customer of Fitnatix Fitness Limited.

These terms and conditions are correct at the time of publication though can be changed at any time and without advance notice.