Overindulged over Christmas and New Year?

Put on a couple of unwanted pounds?

Do you have a fitness goal but don't know how to achieve it?

Did you answer yes to any of the above?... Well this is for you and it comes at a perfect time as it starts just in time for making those 2020 healthy New Year resolutions...could there be a better way to treat yourself or someone you care about by signing up today and improving your overall fitness and health. 

The upcoming 6 week challenge with Fitnatix Fitness and David Brown PT will run from:


Monday 2 November - Saturday 12 December 2020

This will be held at our home gym, Elite Fitness Factory; this is a fantastic gym that has just undergone a £150,000 overhaul offering a brand new 10,000 sqft state of the art functional studio the gym and studio are kitted out with the most up to date training equipment. They allow for both members and non-members to attend and do not require any further payments to be made to train there whilst with David. Obviously we have a bias opinion and think that this is the best non-commercial gym in the North West...don't believe us? Why not come and see for yourselves.


Our challenges are great for all ability levels and are designed for anyone who has a fitness goal or for those that simply just need that extra push towards becoming a healthier happier version of themselves. 

Sound like something you're interested in?

If you've come this far and are still reading, WELL DONE! you're just a few clicks away from signing up to our next challenge which may turn your life around. The best part about it... as with all of our challenges, we like to give a lot, for less and will offer this challenge at a MASSIVELY REDUCED RATE

Still interested? Why not scroll down and see what's on offer and the HUGE SAVINGS you will make by signing up to reserve your place. 

REMEMBER this is a 6 week challenge - the only thing we request is that you give it 100% and to enjoy the process.  

By signing up to this process, there absolutely no contract for you to stay with us after.

*Terms & Conditions Apply





WHATS Included?

PT Sessions

6 x 1 hour PT sessions at Elite Fitness Factory (non gym-members also welcome at no extra cost)


Weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and make changes to your plans as required.

Consultation with training and nutritional advice.

Before / after photos.

Full body statistics and measurements.

Group Sessions

6 Group Sessions

During the course of the 6 weeks you will have access to 6, 45-minute group sessions,

These will be closed classes and only available to those who are also on the challenge. 

These classes are designed for all ability levels and are a great way to train with like minded people. 


Calorie controlled window and macro breakdown

This will be based on the facts and figures we will obtain from you.

Track your food using our fitness App which you will download for FREE,

Upload your daily food intake and we can automatically see what you have been eating. 

No faddy diet plans are provided, we believe in the basics.

Training Plan

6 week training plan. 

This will be assigned to you via the App which you will download for FREE once you have signed up. 

Your plan will come with full instructional help videos which will guide and assist you through your workouts.

Upload and save your workouts to show progression and allow your personal trainer to observe. 

Get The App

Download our App backed by My PT Hub for FREE

View your plans.

Upload progression photos, input measurements & statistics.

Integrate with your Fitbit device.

To assist you with your workouts there is an extensive library of videos which demonstrate all exercises

You will also be able to contact David directly via the chat feature.




'Do I want to become a healthier happier person?'

You do! carry on...........


After completing the application form below you will receive an automated email with details of how to pay and secure your place. You can either pay a deposit of just £30 p/p or pay in full; once payment has been recieved, your place on the challenge will be secured. We are only able to offer a limited number of spaces so please don't hesitate.


*Those that pay the deposit only will be sent a reminder a week prior to the start of the challenge in order to pay any outstanding balance.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have now successfully signed up for the 4 or 8 week challenge. 

We will automatically add you to a closed group chat on WhatsApp where you will receive regular updates about challenge information. We will also start booking in your weekly personal training sessions.


We are here to help with any questions you may have.


Now that you're a member of the Fitnatix Fitness online family we will send an email link to download our bespoke app for FREE - access to this will be unlimited during your time with us and using the app couldn't be simpler: you will be able to view your online plans, upload progression photos, input measurements & statistics and even integrate with your Fitbit device. To assist you with your workouts there is an extensive library of videos that demonstrate all exercises. You will also be able to contact David directly via the chat feature or via WhatsApp.



Once you have downloaded the App, you will receive an automatic health screening questionnaire; this will help us understand any medical history or training limitations. You will also be directed to complete a comprehensive questionnaire designed to help us understand your goals, circumstances and preferences. REMEMBER...the more we know about you, the better equipped we are at designing a plan that best suits your needs. 


Our job is to remove all the stress surrounding health and fitness and help you towards achieving your goals. You will have access to David who can guide you through any problems or queries; He will be there for your personal training sessions, aiding you to stay on track and tweaking your plans as and when required. Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact him. 





What she had to say;

"Since undertaking training sessions with David, my overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically. I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. David is willing to share his expert knowledge and answer ant questions I come up with. His knowledge on nutrition is admirable and his dedication to helping people is commendable. David's sessions are always fun, whilst he continues to mix up the training so it never gets boring. I can't recommend him enough! Motivating without being in your face, David definitely knows his stuff, his workout sessions use a range of cardio and resistance workouts which are quirky, different, fun and never boring. He's a professional person, always looking to get the most out of all his sessions and clients. I couldn't recommend him highly enough"


What she had to say;

"I saw that Dave was promoting a 30 day challenge which did not require using any gym equipment. This was great for me as i have a young family and struggle to get down to the gym sometimes. I decided to go for it and stated training with Dave in bid to lose some of the stubborn fat and feel confident again. What i have achieved with Dave's help was far more than i expected. I managed to lose a stone in total in just 30 days! I'd like to thank Dave for all his hard work and checking on on my progress and for also making it fun.


I will definitely be doing the next challenge."

how much does

it cost?

Signing up couldn't be simpler, as shown below you can opt to either: pay a small deposit or pay in full. Once you have made your selected payment type, you will automatically reserve your place.

We have also given the option for a Buddy Up Package, this means you can train with a friend or family member, motivating and pushing each other as well as being able to split the overall cost.

Any outstanding monies must be paid before the 13th January 2020..

By paying your deposit you will automatically reserve your place on the challenge however due to this challenge having limited availability once you have paid your deposit it will be non-refundable.



All outstanding monies must be paid before Monday 13 January 2020

4 weeks

Train Alone - PAY IN FULL: ONLY £180

Buddy Up   - PAY IN FULL: ONLY £230      (£115    each)

lets get you

signed up.

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